3 options for a wedding outfit

Once May and June are here I start getting more and more e-mails and messages from men asking me what to wear when going to a wedding. In short, I will say you have 3 options available: morning dress, black tie or a business outfit. Let’s brake these outfits down a little bit:

1) Morning dress



This outfit can vary but mostly it consists of:
– a single breasted black, grey or navy morning jacket with 1 button and peak lapels;
– dark grey striped trousers, usually without pleats and without cuffs, worn with suspenders;
– single or double breasted waistcoat, usually grey but it can also be creamy yellow or other pale colours;
– a turndown collar shirt with french cuffs, usually white but it can also be blue, pink, creamy yellow, etc
– a grey or light blue silk normal tie (or a dress cravat/dress ascot as the one featured in the image above); pastel colours are also an acceptable alternative;
– a simple pair of black Oxford shoes;
– a white handkerchief or pocket square, however you want to call it;
– a black or a grey with a black band top hat;
– optional: a walking stick, a pocket watch and chain, a flower in the lapel buttonhole.

2) Black tie



The black tie, the dinner suit, the tuxedo or the smoking, depending on how you like to call it, can vary even more than the morning dress outfit but the classic black tie is made up of:
– a single breasted black jacket, with shawl or peak satin lapels, featuring 1 buton; for the tall and skinny guys there is the option of the double breasted dinner jacket;
– black trousers made from the same fabric as the jacket, without cuffs although they can be pleated; traditionally they didn’t feature belt loops because only suspenders were used to support the trousers, an option I also recommend today as personally I don’t like cummerbunds and a belt isn’t formal enough for a black tie outfit;
– a white dress shirt (formal shirt); sometimes people wear a wing collar shirt but I prefer the turndown collar, either with a fly-front placket which covers the buttons or one which fastens with matching shirt studs; also it should have french cuffs (double cuffs);
– a simple pair of black Oxford shoes;
– a white pocket square (or a red one if you are an excentric);
– black suspenders;
– a black, preferably self-tie, bow tie.

3) The business outfit



 When it comes to the business outfit, the choices of fabric, details and accessories are limitless. To make it a bit easier for you, I’m going to narrow down the options and tell you that you should wear:
– a navy blue suit; speaking about an event that is taking place in the summertime it would be ideal if the suit was made of a thinner wool or a combination of wool and linen;
– a white shirt, with normal or french cuffs;
– when it comes to footwear, you can either consider the fact that it’s after 6 pm and you should go the English way and wear a pair of black Oxford shoes or if you are feeling it go the Italian way by wearing a pair of light brown Oxford shoes. If you ask me why, I’ll say first of all brown and blue are best friends and second it looks damn cool;
– at this point, if you want to really make a statement, you can choose an unusual print or colour for your tie or pocket square; if not, just go with a navy blue or light blue tie and a white or red pocket square.

photo sources: fruitcove.com, sartoriarossi.com.

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