Alexandru-remus.ro is a style site for men (more about the differences between style and fashion HERE).

Clothes do not make the man but they tell a story about the type of person you are and taking care of yourself as well as being well dressed I believe have to do, first of all, with self-respect. Style is a code, that is why the expression “dress code” exists. The beauty of this code is that it’s universal just like the exact sciences, 1+1=2 whether you are in Europe, America, Asia or Africa and it’s the same with style. Once you learn the classic models of clothing and shoes along with some basic rules of how to wear these garments you will be well dressed regardless of your location on this planet. More than that, with style you won’t have to change your wardrobe once every few month because it’s not based on trends like fashion, a good quality plain white shirt or a pair of plain Oxford shoes don’t know the concept of “going out of fashion” which is great because you will enjoy your clothes for many years until they will eventually deteriorate and only then you will have to replace them. Another advantage of being a style connaisseur is that, in the future, no sales person, no magazine no shop window or brand will be able to manipulate you into buying something made of a bad quality fabric and very expensive; you will know exactly what clothes and shoes to look for and what is the right price for these items.


In some cases you will not find the English translation to an article I wrote in Romanian. This is because I wrote about a local event or business that is irrelevant to people outside Romania.


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