Autumn/Winter essentials

Once the weather starts getting colder it is time to put aside our linen and cotton clothes and start wearing something that will protect us from the low temperatures. In this article I am going to present you with a small list of clothes, shoes and accessories I consider to be the essentials of a man’s winter wardrobe, things you need to stay cosy and stylish at the same time.

(1) A coat – since cotton can’t manage to keep us warm in the cold weather I recommend a wool or a cashmere coat.  There are a lot of models to choose from: the Crombie, the Chesterfield, the Polo coat, the pea coat, the Duffle coat, etc.


(2) A cardigan – it can be made of cotton, wool, cashmere or a combination of these fabrics. It is versatile and comfortable. More details HERE.



(3) A roll neck sweater – I recommend a wool or cashmere one. It is not as comfortable as a cardigan when you have to put it on or take it off but it does a good job at keeping you warm. And because it’s a roll neck you don’t have to wear a scarf.



(4) Wool trousers – a pair of well tailored wool trousers will make you stand out from the crowd. They will say that you are passed the rebel adolescent period of your life and that you have the confidence to wear something more mature. Oh and  don’t worry about looking like a grandpa or your geography teacher, if the fabric is good and the trousers are nicely tailored and have a flat front (no pleats) you will look good, I promise.


(5) (At least) One pair of boots – for the simple fact that a boot is higher than an Oxford or a Derby shoe, so it keeps your feet warmer. Also sometimes snow can get into your shoes, and you can avoid this by wearing a pair of boots. More about boots HERE.



(6) A scarf – my favourite scarves are those made of wool, cashmere or those made of wool/cashmere + silk. These are the ones I recommend. Apart from keeping your neck warm a scarf can be a stylish way to add a bit of colour to your outfit.


(7) A pair of leather gloves – you should match your gloves to your shoes and boots and also if you want to keep your hands warm you should get a pair of lined gloves.



(8) A wool tie – it will definitely make you stand out from the rest of the men who are wearing a tie and it’s a nice thing to have, especially if it’s a handmade self-tipped tie or a handrolled tie.



Optionally you can also add these items to your autumn/winter wardrobe:

(9) Winter socks – made from thicker cotton or a combination of cotton and wool.



(10) A tweed jacket or suit



(11) A felt hat – besides the fact that it keeps your head warm it can be a powerful declaration of personal style and attitude.


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