Basics – Chino pants

Chinos are a pair of pants traditionally made of twill cotton. Nowadays unfortunately more and more brands are starting to combine cotton with synthetic materials when it comes to clothing, because they are so greedy and selfish the last thing they care about is the costumer.
Chinos appeared for the first time in the 19th century when they were made for the soldiers serving in the British and French armies. After the war US soldiers returned home wearing chinos and the general public started noticing them and so this type of trouser was getting more and more popular because of its simpleness, because of the comfort it offered and because of its versatility.
Chino pants can be worn both with a pair of tennis shoes and a t-shirt or just as well with a shirt, a jacket and a pair of brogues.  You can think of chino pants as an alternative to jeans, or even a more mature and comfortable version of the jeans.
Usually chinos are worn in the spring and summer but if you live in a warmer part of the planet you can wear them anytime, no problem. They are associated with the spring and summer seasons because of the wide variety of colours they come in, to satisfy both the eccentric people and the more conservative who prefer wearing navy, light brown, dark brown, grey and so on.



These type of pants can also be found as shorts, although if you don’t have built calves or you have bandy legs I do not recommend you should wear them. If you are going to wear shorts I insist that you wear the right length, which is no longer than your knee !  I prefer when the short stops before my knee, some men prefer to cover their knee, either way is fine, just don’t wear them if they are longer. You can take them to a tailor, it’s a simple process, he should fix them for you the same day.


If you never wore chinos I suggest you should try on a pair next time you see them in a shop, just be warned !!!…once you buy your first pair you become addicted to them !!!  If you have no idea what colour to choose and don’t want to mess it up, try something classic: navy, khaki, grey.

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