Basics – Five pocket pants

The five pocket pant is a classic model, similar to jeans. It’s name comes from the fact that this pant has 5 pockets:  2 open ones in the back, 2 normal ones in the front and another little one inside the right front pocket.

When it comes to versatility these pants are very similar to chinos, you can match them with almost anything from tennis shoes to a dressy pair of Oxford shoes, from a t-shirt all the way up to a blazer or coat.

Remember! The fact that a pair of pants is colored does not make them chinos or 5 pocket, you have to recognize it’s features. Besides the ones written above I would also like to mention that:

(1) Chinos are made of 100% cotton (the chinos fabric is called twill) while 5 pocket pants can be made from cotton and 2,3, or 5 % elastane to give the pants a small amount of stretching properties;

(2) The are slight differences in the construction of the pockets:

– the back pockets of 5 pocket pants are on the outside and are open while the back pockets of chinos are on the inside and can feature one button:


– the front pockets of 5 pocket pants are placed horizontally while the ones on chinos are at an angle, usually around 45° :


– the ticket pocket on the 5 pocket pants is inside the right front pocket while the one on the chinos is on the outside of the right front pocket:


Remember! In 90% of cases these characteristics of 5 pocket pants and chinos are as I mentioned above but in 10% of cases manufacturers can make small changes, for example they can place the ticket pocket at an angle or they can close the back pocket with a flap:



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