Basics – Layering

After getting familiar with the classic models of clothing and shoes we also have to learn a few rules about how to wear them correctly. In this article I am going to go through the basics of layering.

First of all, when it comes to style, the technique of layering is practical. We all know how misleading the weather can be in the autumn and winter: it’s cold in the morning, it gets warmer at noon and then it is cold again in the evening. In most cases people prefer to wear just a t-shirt or a shirt and a really thick coat on top but this is not such a good idea because you can be either hot or cold. Instead,  if you apply layering when you dress in the morning it will be easier to take off just as much as you need later in the day when it gets warmer outside or you step into a heated office.

Second, layering gives stylish men a reason to be excited because they can express their creativity through clothes by creating interesting outfits in which they show off their knowledge of style and how well they master it. It is all about how well you can match fabrics, colors, how well you accessorize yourself and how you choose your clothes to bring out your best physical features (let’s say you are short and have a bit of a belly, in this case you will avoid wearing clothes with a horizontal line pattern or high rise trousers because these clothes only make you look worse).

The number of outfits you can put together when it comes to layering is extremely high, here are just a few of the possible combinations you can make:

– t-shirt + any type of knitwear; a shirt + any type of knitwear;

– t-shirt + denim jacket/ leather jacket; a shirt + denim jacket/ leather jacket;

– t-shirt + turleneck + blazer/ sport jacket/ coat;

– shirt + any type of knitwear + a blazer/ sport jacket;

– shirt + suit jacket + coat;

– t-shirt + any type of knitwear + a quilted vest;

– shirt + crew neck pullover/ v neck pullover/ cardigan + a quilted vest;

– shirt + blazer/ sport jacket/ suit jacket + quilted vest.

After you have decided which combination works best for you always remember to accessorize your outfit with: a scarf, a pocket square, a tie, a bow tie or other accessories.

Things to keep in mind about layering:

(1) Be careful not to match light fabrics for summer with heavy fabrics for autumn or winter (don’t wear a linen jacket on top of a wool turtleneck).

(2) Watch how you match your colours. One of the biggest mistakes men make is to match black and brown together in the same outfit, or to match brown shoes with black trousers. This combination of colours does not really go together and has to do more with fashion than style. Remember, style is all about classic clothes, shoes and a set of rules that never go out of fashion while fashion is only an ever changing ugly phenomena.

(3) The idea with clothes, in any given situation, is that you have to feel comfortable,being a stylish man is a state of mind, you have to wear the clothes do not let the clothes wear you. So if you feel uncomfortable or you feel that the clothes restrict your freedom of movement there is something wrong, try a different layering combination or take those clothes to a tailor to have them adjusted so they will fit you better.

(4) Each layer has to look good by itself. You never know how many layers you will have to take off during the day so don’t make the mistake of wearing an old ripped or stained t-shirt or shirt under a jacket. Maybe at some point you will have to take your jacket off and then you will feel uncomfortable or ashamed because of that old stained t-shirt or shirt.

Finally some outfits for inspiration:




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