Basics – The Henley shirt

During summer days when it is very hot or when circumstances make it such that I cannot wear a classic shirt I choose to wear a Polo or a Henley shirt because they are just a bit more sophisticated than a simple t-shirt.

The Henley is a pullover shirt and its distinctive feature is a placket with 2 to 5 buttons beneath the round neckline. Basically you can think of it as a Polo shirt without the collar. It became popular in the 70s. In the beginning it was only made for men but nowadays they make it for women as well.
Apart from the short sleeve model it is also made with long sleeves:


As usual I recommend you avoid synthetic material clothes. For your comfort only buy 100% cotton Henley shirts. You can find the composition of the fabric on the inside label in the lower part of t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, any type of knitwear, suit jackets and outwear jackets:


Wear the Henley shirt with:

chino pants;

5 pocket pants;

– jeans;

– linen trousers;

– shorts;

– a denim jacket;

– a leather jacket;

– if you have the proper attitude you can also wear it with a blazer, creating a nice summer outfit:


Don’t forget about accessories. If you’re not wearing anything on top of your Henley shirt you can accessorize your outfit with a summer hat, a lightweight summer scarf (preferably a linen one), a leather bracelet, a colourful bracelet, a ring, etc.


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