Basics – The Polo shirt

In the few summer days I choose to wear a t-shirt instead of a shirt I usually wear a Polo shirt. I prefer wearing it instead of a normal t-shirt because the collar makes it look more mature, a bit dressier even though it is still a t-shirt.
It is a very versatile piece of clothing, you can wear it with almost any type of trousers, you can wear it with tennis shoes, sneakers, the boat shoe being a summer shoes also goes very well with the polo shirt, you can wear it with a hoodie and there are also men who wear the polo shirt with a jacket :




The fit – it is important that any piece of clothing you have fits you and compliments your body. When I say slim fit I don’t mean for it to restrain your movements and make you uncomfortable but if you wear one that is too big it will not be ok either.
Tucking it in – there are some exceptions but most of the time you will wear it over your trousers. One of the exceptions is in the image above where you wear your polo under the jacket and if you want you can tuck it in. Remember, if you want it to look good while tucked in it should be slim fit.

Popped up collar – NO!
Once and for all the story goes like this : René Lacoste who was the inventor of the polo shirt used to pop up his collar during tennis matches when the heat of the sun was too strong and thus he wanted to protect his neck. Now I’m sure 99% of the men who pop up their polo shirt collars on the street don’t do it to protect their necks , they do it because they think it’s cool. Well it isn’t, it looks immature.


Buttoning up – it is not indicated to do up all the buttons because that might look like you are uncomfortable in your polo shirt and you do not want that to happen. Usually this type of shirt has 3 buttons so I leave 1 open, sometimes when it’s very hot outside I leave 2 open.

Stay away from branded clothing – the simple fact of the matter is branded clothes lack style and this site is all about style , I do not care about fashion.  If you have read some of my previous posts you know I’m all about style and tailoring and hate fashion. The trouble is designers and big brands sell you poor quality fabric clothes at 10 maybe 50 times the price of what those clothes should cost, and their only excuse is that the clothes are so expensive because they are signed by some designer. Well , that’s idiotic. Plus, speaking about fashion, don’t forget that after you pay 3 million dollars on an Armani t-shirt you will not be able to wear it after 7 minutes because it will have gone out of fashion and then you will have to buy the new model.
So branded clothes are daft, stay away.


Final tip:  if you want to look interesting in a polo shirt you can wear a scarf, being summer I’m talking about a soft fabric like linen or cotton scarf, wear some good quality shoes, wear a bracelet, accessorize yourself however you want to just avoid wearing a branded polo shirt.

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