Basics – Wear the suit correctly

In 95% of the cases I see men in suits they get it wrong and it hurts my eyes. Now I’m going to open your eyes a bit and offer you information that the big designers and brands keep hidden from the public behind a massive curtain of trends to manipulate you into buying their stupid expensive polyester clothes.
After you will have read this article you will come to the conclusion that the gentleman above is well dressed. Why ? Let’s see:
(1) The fit  – men, please stop shopping with your moms and girlfriends, and stop buying suit that are 2 or 3 times too big for you.  The fit is very important , look at this :


(2) The jacket and shirt collars – on a good suit the jacket collar does not cover the shirt. First the shirt and only after that comes the jacket:


Also the tips of the shirt collar have to stay under the jacket:


To help you with this there are wide spread collar shirts:


Don’t wear your shirt collar over the jacket !


(3) The length of the sleeves – One of the most uncomfortable and ugly image of a man in a suit is when the jacket sleeves are so long they almost reach to his fingernails. The correct order is this: watch/bracelet, shirt, (pullover), jacket, (overcoat):


(4) Jacket and trousers length – this subject can be up for debate but basically it should cover your buttocks. I myself recommend the jacket with two vents at the back partly because they offer more comfort partly because if you bend over you buttocks will not show to others, which could be inappropriate for a gentleman:


When it comes to trousers there are men who preffer them to stop just above the heel of the shoe:


…and men who preffer to show off their ankle or coloured socks:


(5) Button up properly – when it comes to buttoning up the jacket most men get it wrong. As a general rule, the last button is always left undone ! This also applies to the cardigan. When I say “first button” I mean the one closest to your head and when I say the last I mean the one closest to your…
– if you have a 3 button jacket only do the middle button (there are men who do the first two but I don’t agree with that)


– if you have a 2 button jacket  only do the first button:


– if you have a 1 button jacket  button up but when you sit down you undo it ! This applies to all jacket, you never sit down with your jacket buttons done! It’s bad for the fabric and also you’re uncomfortable.


With the double breasted jacket it’s the same, if you have a 2 button jacket you do the first one and if you have a 1 button jacket button it , and when you have to sit down undo them:



Congratulations, now you own the secrets to a well dressed man in a suit !
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