Foam sole shoes

I often got this question from people, either by e-mail or when talking face to face with someone: “What casual shoes would you recommend?” . Today I will write a few words about the foam sole shoes.

Sure, these are not part of the best looking or most elegant shoes for men but they are a great alternative to the classic leather sole or rubber sole shoes.

First of all the foam sole is light which makes them very comfortable to wear. Second these shoes are a great choice for men who want to give up wearing sneakers but don’t want to take a big leap straight to formal Oxford shoes. These shoes are a perfect solution for the man who wants to look a bit sharper but doesn’t want to be the sharpest looking one in the room.

You can pair these shoes with:

– chino pants;

– 5 pocket pants;

– jeans;

– cargo pants;

– cords (corduroy pants);

– even with a pair of wool trousers;

– during summer, you can wear these shoes with invisible socks and a pair of shorts;

– also during summer, you can wear these shoes with invisible socks and a pair of linen trousers.

You can also find this type of shoe in suede:

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  • Reply August 19, 2014

    ryan stancil

    Firstly, you failed to mention who made these (top shoe). I am assuming Prada at first glance.
    Second I think this shoe will work with most things, BUT I am a stickler about accents. I would have to have something to tie the red stripe (main subject shoe) in before I would wear it. Something small like a watch with a red face or the like. How do you feel on tying in ones attire through color?

    • Reply August 19, 2014


      Hi Ryan,

      I honestly don’t know what brand the shoes are because everybody (magazines, blogs, fashion shows) talks about brands and fashion and this is what slowly kills the classic style of dressing and leaves the people clueless of what they are supposed to wear. Instead I offer some basic knowledge about shoes and clothes, technical terms like Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, 5-pocket pants, duffle coat, you get the point, and then let them build their own wardrobe based on these terms. I consider this a lot more helpful than telling people to wear a particular shoe or t-shirt from Armani this year, because that would only help them on a short term, after 3 months the Armani stuff will go out of trend and you will have to shop the new collection.
      If, on the other hand, you buy something classic it will never go out of trend; you must buy what fits you best as cut, color and price and always shop for a certain model not a certain brand, it would be ridiculous paying 2000$ on a pullover, even if it was 100% cashmere just because it was made by a famous brand. It’s very very rare I say “buy a trench coat but preferably from Burberry because they invented it”.
      About tying in your attire through color, the example you gave with the red stripe on the shoes and the watch is very good, I like doing it myself, sometimes I match my bracelet to my shoes other times I match my pocket square to my trousers, etc.

      Have a nice day,

  • Reply September 4, 2014


    Thanks for the reply Alex,

    Good words all around. Which still leaves me in bit of a rut though ha. The soft soles here are so classic and clean which helps as a whole piecing together outfits. The conundrum I face is FINDING anything online or in stores that resemble any of these wonderful shoes has proven to be a chore in itself. Could you pos. point me in the general direction at least?



    • Reply September 5, 2014


      I’m not that familiar with what is on the US market. I’ll do some online research and if I’ll find something worth mentioning I’ll post the link here in the comments.

  • Reply October 3, 2014


    Thanks Alex,

    I do hope you find something available. Doesn’t have to be based on US markets. I have no issues ordering from abroad.

  • Reply October 13, 2014


    AH HA!

    Miss Shoe has these amazing shoes on for a very fair price considering how versatile they can be in ones wardrobe.

    Now to tackle the shoe size conversion.

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