How I started to build my wardrobe

I often get e-mails from boys on their way to becoming men telling me that they want to do something about their image but that they have no clue where or how to start.

A few things you should bear in mind:

– dismiss all you see in fashion tv shows, magazines and most shop windows, as a general rule do not follow fashion ! it is just an often changing ugly phenomena;

– what you can do instead is start building a wardrobe with classic models of clothing and shoes that will help you look your best no matter the year and location. Style is a visual code and most important it is the same everywhere, like chemistry or maths, a stylish man  will look good regardless if he is in Europe, America, Asia or Africa;

– with these things in mind all you have to do now is learn the rules of how to properly wear your clothes, learn what types of clothes and colors best suit your body type, and also keep in mind some common sense rules: during summertime you will wear cotton, linen, boat shoes, saddle shoes, panama hats and during wintertime you will wear wool, cashmere, boots, scarves, gloves, etc.

How I actually started to build my wardrobe:

As most adolescents when I was younger my wardrobe was based on: sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, branded belts and white socks. At some point I became interested in changing my appearance so I started reading style articles and books; until then I didn’t even know what style was, I only knew about fashion as most people do.

After a few months of studying the subject of style and when the process of assimilating the information started to happen I began building my wardrobe like so:

– I replaced my t-shirts with shirts:


– I replaced my jeans with chino pants and 5 pocket pants;


– I replaced my hoodies with cardigans;


– I replaced my sneakers with leather shoes and, during wintertime, I started wearing boots;

o b

– I replaced my polyester jackets with wool coats;


– I started accessorizing my outfits with ties, bow ties, scarves, pocket squares, hats, etc;




– I threw or gave away my sport belts with branded buckles and instead bought some classic leather belts with simple buckles;


– I replaced my white socks with colored socks:


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