Matching your shoes and accessories

One important thing we have to be aware of every morning when we built our outfit in front of the mirror is how to match our accessories to our shoes. On the streets I often see men wearing a black belt with brown shoes or wearing black shoes with a brown briefcase and it’s not a pleasant sight. It makes me think they are in a rush all the time or just careless people.

In this article I will show you, in my typical style, with images, how you should match your accessories to your shoes. As a general rule, the accessories should be made of the same material as the shoes and have the same colour as the shoes: that means if you are wearing brown leather shoes you should wear a brown leather belt, if you are wearing blue suede shoes you should wear a blue suede belt, and so on.

Matching your accessories to a pair of black shoes:


Matching your accessories to a pair of brown shoes:


Matching your belt to a pair of brown suede shoes or a pair or brown suede boots:


Matching your belt to a pair of grey suede shoes:


When it comes to casual summer outfits and you are wearing a pair of Derbies or a pair saddle shoes or a pair of boat shoes you can have some fun with your outfit and choose a braided belt or a coloured canvas belt:



If you’ve got OCD like myself and you really want to match your accessories perfectly than remember to match the metal colours of your belt buckle and your watch, if your wearing a silver belt buckle than match it with a silver case watch, if you are wearing a gold belt buckle that match it with a golden case watch and so on:

A9 A8

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