Mosetti – Sartoria di Torino

When I think about suits, fine cloth, patterns, the art of bespoke, vibrant colours and other details, on one hand I get excited and on the other hand I get anxious; excited because it’s the thing I’m passionate about and anxious because these things are so hard to find in Romania. Sure, you can find suits everywhere but unfortunately the quality is appaulling; in 95% of cases the suits you find are made just to be sold for a profit, there is no passion involved, no craftsmanship, no respect for the peope who buy them. This is why it’s such a good news whenever a new brand comes along and offers men suits made out of passion.

Mosetti – Sartoria di Torino is a new Italian inspired Romanian brand, founded in 2015 by Alex Moise. 

Alex is specialized in men’s image consulting and has 8 years of experience in men’s style. During this time he has offered his advice to over 1000 customers. For the last 4 years he has been an entrepreneur in the business of made to measure suits.

Alex Moise - fondator Mosetti - Sartoria di Torino

The concept behind the brand Mosetti is Made to measure with a twist. The garments follow the traditions of classic Italian tailoring but they are for the men who like to have a nonconformist approach to wearing a suit, the kind of people who like expressing their personality, individuality or youth through the colours, patterns and exciting new details they choose to wear.


Mosetti aims to inspire men to look at the suit in a different way, offering clients the possibility of creating a cool look by combining classic Italian-cut suits with funky modern flavoured details.


To get to the point, the product Mosetti is offering is made to measure suits. What you also get with this product is the service of image consulting and this means every detail of the suit will be chosen according to your physical features and personality. The biggest advantage of a made to measure suit is that everything is customizable: you can choose the fabric, the lining, the buttons, the colour of the stitching,  the lapels, the pockets, etc. Also you can have any article of clothing monogrammed with your initials.

Ceremony 2015, the first collection launched in Romania, is comprised of 11 complete outfits, all of them in different colours and patterns. The fabrics used to for this collection are wool, silk and velveteen and they come from well-known providers like Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland & Sherry or Cerutti:

The Mosetti – Sartoria di Torino showroom is located in Bucharest on Popa Savu Street 59. For more information you can visit the official website and follow Mosetti on Facebook at .

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