First I recommend you read these 2 articles: in one of them I go through the basics of traditional shaving and in the other one I explain how to can get a comfortable shave.

Now I will mention a few things I have also mentioned in the articles above:

(1) Draw a map of your face on a piece of paper and the direction the beard is growing in each section. This will help you know in which direction you should point your razor:


(2) Prepare your face for shaving, this is a critical step and is ignored by 90% of men.

(3) Use a less aggressive razor like a closed comb. The open comb and the slant bar razors are for those more experienced in traditional shaving.

(4) Don’t overstretch the skin with your free hand while shaving, this could result in cuts, irritations or ingrown hairs.

(5) DON’T PRESS DOWN !!! The weight of a classic double edge razor or a straight razor is enough to cut the beard, you don’t need to press down like you do with a multi-blade cartridge razor like Mach3 or Fusion.

(6)  Rinse your face well between passes to make sure nothing stands between your face and the blade on the next pass.

(7) You don’t have to get a perfect shave, experience comes with time. Just concentrate on making your shaving experience a comfortable one and nick free.

What to do if you nick yourself:

– try a styptic pencil:




– try a roll-on gel especially made to stop the bleeding:


– use an alum block. KEEP IN MIND it should be alum potassium which is 100% natural, not alum sulfate which is made of salt !


– use an aftershave lotion or other astingent lotions.

Other things you could try:

– rinse your face well with cold water;

– try applying some lip balm on the cut;

– try applying a small amount of mouthwash (Listerine) on the cut.


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