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It doesn’t matter if it’s a job or a hobby, everything in life has a learning “curve” and thus an evolution. I put curve between quotation marks because this curve actually looks like this:



Every horizontal line in this drawing represents a stage of your evolution where the following things happen: we see or we hear about something new, we put these new things in practice, we make mistakes, we correct the mistakes and re-put in practice those things and at the end we go up another level which is represented by the vertical lines in the drawing above. The key part in all this is “making mistakes” because this process is a very good way of learning, someone said “mistakes are the stepping stones to success”. Today I will help you skip a few steps by telling you what mistakes not to make:

(1) Don’t wear 3/4 pants – you either wear normal pants or shorts but remember, the shorts should not be longer than your kneecap.


(2) Don’t wear loafers or boat shoes with socks – it’s a mistake similar to wearing socks and sandals, it looks ugly, especially with white socks. You should only wear white socks when taking part in a sports activity of some kind, otherwise forget about having white socks in your wardrobe.


The solution are invisible socks:



There are situations when the weather is getting colder and socks are accepted with boat shoes but in any case they shouldn’t be white. Don’t be ashamed of wearing a striped, colored pair of socks.

(3) Don’t pop up your polo t-shirt collar – Rene Lacoste, the inventor of the polo t-shirt used to do this during tennis matches to protect his neck from the sun but nowadays people do it just because they don’t know any better, they think it’s cool. It isn’t.


(4) Don’t wear branded underwear – I know it’s hard finding simple cotton underwear but please try doing so and avoid these horrid models:


(5) Avoid wearing the combination of black and brown – they don’t go together, black does not go with brown. Only white and grey go with any other color.


(6) Avoid wearing branded t-shirts – in case you forgot I’m here to remind you that you are a human being with a a soul and a personality, not a walking advert banner.


(7) Don’t wear a pullover on you shoulders – this is the same as wearing your shirt collar popped. People do it although they don’t know why, they just think it’s cool. Well, it isn’t. If you are hot leave the pullover at home, if you are cold wear it properly. If you just want to protect your neck wear a scarf.


(8) Don’t wear belt and suspenders and the same time – they both do the same thing which is to keep you trouser’s waistline on your waist, so it’s ridiculous wearing both of them at the same time.


(9) Don’t wear shiny clothes – these clothes are made from a high percentage of synthetic fabrics and they were made without any passion, they have no soul, these are just passing trends, awful stuff.


(10) Don’t wear your trousers too long and baggy


This is what the right length and fit should look like:


(11) Don’t wear shoes with a sharp or square front – again, this was made without any passion for people who have no style and class.


Instead wear shoes with a rounded front:


Markowski Saddle blue


  • Reply October 2, 2013


    Finally a company that knows how to help both men and women become classy dressers.


    Do you ship to Canada?

    • Reply October 3, 2013


      Hi, thank you for your visit and comment.
      Unfortunately I don’t have any products for sale, I’m just posting to teach people the basics of style.
      I hope that in the future I will be able to offer my readers products, at least some stylish accessories.

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