Suede shoes

Suede shoes are a comfortable alternative to the normal leather shoes. They are also a versatile option because they can be worn in all sorts of different places and situations like the office, on a night out or simply when taking a walk on o sunny afternoon.
In case you decide to pay a lot of money for a pair of either suede shoes or leather shoes (from 200 EUR up) be sure you are spending your money on the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship and not the brand !
The quality of these shoes will show in time, in the comfort that the suede and the sole have to offer, and also in the durability of the sole in contact with all types of surfaces. For a better maintenance it is good to use a special suede spray which offers protection against rain and dust. Also I recommend you use a shoe tree which keeps the shape of the shoe and also retains the moisture from the inside of the shoe after you have worn it. The best shoe trees are made from cedar trees :

Shoe trees

For those who want to maintain their shoes on a budget there are also cheaper options like this one :


I was saying at the beginning of the article that suede shoes are versatile , let’s see what I meant. The suede shoe can be worn with :

– a suit :

ac navy blue suit


– jeans or 5 pocket pants (a pair of blue or brown suede shoes with a pair of white trousers and a navy blazer make a classical summer outfit):


– a wool suit or wool trousers:


  Besides versatility suede shoes come in many forms :

– oxford:


– derby(blucher):


– loafers :


– driving shoes :


– monk straps:

Another big advange of these shoes is that they come in many colors :


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