The grey suit: 10 outfits for your inspiration

After having bought a navy blue suit, the next staple piece in your wardrobe you should consider investing in is a grey suit. I say this because it is versatile and timeless and, just like the navy blue suit, it will have your back in any situation: at the office, at a job interview, at a wedding, at a funeral, etc.

As inspiration is a big part of this site, I will present you with 10 outfits you can put together if you have a grey suit; the outfits from 1 to 9 are timeless and the last one is at the limit of style and fashion, for the younger fashion-forward guys out there.

1) The grey suit and the navy blue tie




2) The grey suit and the red tie




3) The grey suit and the grey tie




4) The grey suit and the yellow tie





5) The grey suit and the green tie




6)  The grey suit, the blue shirt and the navy blue tie




7) The grey suit, the white collar blue shirt and the red tie





8) The grey suit, the double-breasted blue waistcoat and the blue tie




9) The grey suit and the camel coat




10) The grey suit, the white T and the white leather sneakers




Which one is your favourite outfit ?

photo source: HERE

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