the urban ties – Autumn/Winter ’14 Collection

   Nowadays the tie does not necessarily have a practical use, it is a way to express ourselves as men and to show off our personal style. Plain, spotted, striped, checked or with any other pattern, it is the accessory with the power of making us stand out from the crown, especially if we’re talking about less common ties like those made of cotton, linen, wool or cashmere.
One year has gone by since I last talked about the urban ties, the online boutique which provides high quality handmade accessories for men. I liked their ties since I first got my hands on them because they have chosen to concentrate on producing a small amount of good quality products instead of producing a large quantity of poor quality stuff.
Since the last article I wrote a lot has happened, good things of course, they have attended different events, their ties can be found in more made to measure suits showrooms and they have released new products.
Of all events and news since last year I will mention the most important ones:
– they have organized the “Best dressed Romanian man” competition alongside where they offered ties as prizes;
– they have been to Pitti Uomo 86, in Florence Italy. You can see a picture of them, along with Laci from :


– new collections and products have appeared on the urban ties online store, like Como and Macclesfield silk ties and pocket squares, Como silk knitted ties, wool and cashmere ties and also japanese cotton ties and pocket squares:




Besides ties and pocket squares they now also offer small leather goods like tie cases, wallets and business card holders:

Port cravata


Port carti de vizita

Other ranges of products you can find in their online store are socks, tie bars and silver cufflinks:


   The best ties were and always will be made by hand with great attention to detail. So, in my opinion, two of the most important urban ties products are the handrolled tie and the 7-Fold tie. As we know these two products are very appreciated by the enthusiasts of the style comunity, the gents who like to put an extra bit of effort into their outfit.
The handrolled tie – hand rolling the edges gives the ties a refined appearance that machine sewing cannot achieve. A quality finish with a tight roll and neat stitches is an operation that requires skill and effort.


The 7-Fold tie – traditionally this tie was made of a single piece of silk which was folded 7 times on itself and to finish it off its edges were hand rolled and stiched by hand. Nowadays most 7-Fold ties are lined (with the same fabric used for the body of the tie) and also backed.


   Recently the urban ties have released the Autumn/Winter ’14 collection.  These ties are made of different fabrics and they can be found in many models:

– Ermenegildo Zegna cashmere: 


– Como wool:


– Matka silk:


– plain and patterned silk:


– floral ties:


– Paisley ties:


– Regimental ties:


You can find all these ties along with other accessories and details here:

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