What is style. The difference between style and fashion

Style is an interior manifestation of what we are, it is an extension of our personality. Style is the result of our daily activities, it is a result of what we study, what we read, what hobbies we have, the places we travel to, the cultures and traditions we inspire ourselves from. All of these factors and situations come together to form what is called personal style. This is what style is.

What you must remember is once you start manifesting your interest toward style it will be a continuous process of evolution and an endless cycle of studying-assimilating knowledge-putting that knowledge into practice-getting feedback on your style from people who know better than you-putting the knowledge as well as the feedback suggestions into practice to always evolve and create better and better outfits. In the end all of this will lead to you finding what your own personal style is.


The difference between style and fashion

*   As I mentioned above style is an exterior manifestation of our interior self so it is not dictated by external sources(shopwindows, magazines,tv shows), at most it guides you on a certain path. This being said style gives you the absolute huge advantage of not having the “out of fashion” concept when it comes to clothing, when you buy a garment or a pair of shoes you can wear them for years without having to worry that they will go out of fashion.

Style is not dependent on trends, it does not work on the “what to wear this season” principle, and most importantly it can be personalized. Yes, it has some basic rules but other than that you can work your way around those rules to suit your needs.

Style has decency and cares about people. When I say decency I mean 100% natural fabrics without any polyester, nicely tailored and fitting clothes, colors according to your hair color and skin tone and so on.  Also when it comes to decency we must mention a very important factor which is price and the fact that you should never ever pay more money on a garment than what it’s actually worth. Yes, there are tailors who charge thousands on a suit and shoemakers who charge hundreds on a pair of shoes but at least you know you are spending your money on a good fabric and bespoke tailoring to fit you perfectly not on a label. Rather than pay 5000 thousand or more of your money on an off-the-peg suit you can have one made bespoke by the best tailors in the world in Savile Row London or in Naples.

Style is versatile. If over time you build yourself a wardrobe only with timeless pieces of garment and footwear a lot of them will match with the rest and so you will be able to create a big number of outfits.

*   When it comes to fashion, it is just an ugly phenomena that has to change at least twice a year. It is based on two big strategies :

– aggressive marketing campaigns by the big names in business who constantly dictate trends to the public and what to wear through magazines, tv commercials, big adds by the side of buildings and so on ;

– maintaining a constantly big cash-flow and maximizing profit by reducing production costs as much as possible and this is done by using bad quality cheap fabrics, the exploitation of third world workers, selling a product at a price 10 to 50 times bigger than it costs to make that product and in the end getting away with all this because that product is signed by some designer.

Unfortunately there are a lot of fashion victims, people who are desperate to have the latest model of shoes or t-shirt, three to six months of course, because after that they will have to throw everything away and buy the latest model…again. Usually the kind of people that buy into fashion are snobs and stupid people with money. This is a sad situation and these are the people who unconsciously keep the fashion phenomena going.

Just take a moment and think how stupid it sounds when designers come on tv and say “this summer you should wear this color” or “that type of trousers” when that color or that type of trouser does not fit your hair color, your skin tone or your body type.

So, when it comes to fashion I can only come to sad conclusions: bad quality fabrics, very expensive clothes which won’t last more than a few months, clothes with no style at all that in 90% of the situations will make you look like a clown with more money that sense.

Why is it important to care for our personal image

   Well, they say “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression” which is true in most of the cases. The clothes do not make the man but they tell a story about what kind of a person you are. The way you dress communicates to the world what kind of job you have, what are your hobbies, where are you going to or where are you coming from (it can be the office, the beach, etc) and this is why I believe it is important to be careful about the way we dress.

One of the biggest problems man have when it comes to style and personal image is misinformation: half of men think than style is for women and a man’s man should be a reunion of muscles, sweat and untrimmed fingernails and the other half who are interested in personal image don’t know about style and end up getting the wrong advices from people in the fashion industry or people who don’t know better.

The truth is in the middle, and I stand here to let everyone know that you should not be ashamed to take care of yourself as long as you know how to look good but at the same time not look ridiculous; if you can do this that you’re a man with style. This is style.

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