White pants

When it comes to black and white I am never all that excited, I can’t say I like wearing black and white clothes. I remember an old Italian tailor saying “black is only for funerals and weddings”. I would also add black tie to his list. Personally I only wear simple white t-shirts while working out in the gym and white shirts especially during summertime when the temperatures outside are nearing 40 Celcius, of course I’m talking about good quality cotton or linen shirts.
Why I find white pants interesting:
– being a pair of pants, they are not as close to your face as a shirt or jacket which might have a bad influence on the way you look. In case you didn’t know you choose the color of your clothes according to your skin tone and hair color ;
– they come in many forms: denim, 5-pocket, chinos ;
– being white, it’s easy to match them to any color ;
– because denim is a bit thicker you can wear them in winter time which will make you stand out of the crowd a bit, among all the people that are wearing black ;
The only thing I consider a disadvantage about these white jeans is that dirt will show very quick in case you are not careful and get them dirty.
Some tips on how to wear them :
– white being a neutral color, you can easily match them to other neutral colors like black or grey. Bright blue or navy blue also go really well :


– for a very casual outfit, white jeans can easily be paired with a denim shirt or jacket :



Remember! Less is more so when it comes to denim shirts or jackets it is best to keep it simple. No branded or written on or torn shirts or jackets! Keep it simple. The fit is also important with the denim jacket, make sure the fit is nice and slim. With the white pants it’s the same, keep it simple ! Just make sure the fabric and the fit are good.

More tips and advantages :
– white pants can be paired with any color and almost any type of top wear : t-shirts, shirts, knitwear, jackets, blazers ;
– white pants can be matched to a lot of types of shoes like: tennis shoes, sneakers, boat shoes, loafers, Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, boots, you name it ;
– white pants can be worn in any season.

And now an outfit for your inspiration :





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